Feb 15th – Student Screenings

Please post a reflection on the student work!

Here’s some stills from the show:


38 comments on “Feb 15th – Student Screenings

  1. It was fun to see some of the work of other students in the program. I hadn’t even seen some of the films my classmates had created. It was really interesting to see the diverse range of interest, tastes, ideologies, and skills of the students. Many of the films looked like a lot of work was put into them. And there was a lot of exploration of techniques evident in them.

    I think it’s important to see the work of other students for it can be inspiring and can connect those who have similar interests. Undergrads don’t have much opportunity to see the work of students who are not in their classes (not many take seminar after all) or to have their work screened to others, so I think that it would be a good idea if their were more opportunities to do so and more events for socializing with students from the different graduating classes. I would like to see what the students in years below and above me are doing, as well as more work from graduate students.

    Additionally, I think the green screen class looked so fun! I would love to be able to do that in a class.

  2. Ruthie Williams says:

    It was really cool to see what other students have been working on. The visual music class’s work really made me want to take that course. I totally agree with Ashley’s idea to have more opportunities to show our work to each other in seminar. The ability to socialize and collaborate seems to yield a lot of really communicative ideas rather than introspective ones. I like how the green screen class films have a lot of life and humor in them because they are collaborative. One of my favorites was the one where Amy and Dan were hanging out with the other Dans. I also liked Javier’s film so far as well. I really felt that kid’s pain when he was so nervous around the girl he liked, and he did a nice job of getting that strong emotion across even in an animatic.

    It was just a really enjoyable screening overall. You can see how hard everyone is working in this building! Keep up the good work everybody. :)

  3. Joseph Yeh says:

    The works of fellow students and budding artists are some of the most interesting. Rather than strive to follow industry standards, the work is independent and new. I think it is a breath of fresh air to see work that was done by artists who are doing what they want to do. I felt that this seminar very inspirational because it displayed up and coming styles and new competition. Furthermore, I loved seeing the collaboration films and how the artists combined their strengths to create something even greater.

    It is also great as an artist to have my work be shown to others because it is mostly meant for the appreciation of others- I always want more people to see my work especially when I feel it is complete. I have come to realize the importance of having confidence in all my work.

  4. I had a blast in seminar last week. I think as the program and technology improves, so does the student work. Even in the short period of time I’ve been here, I’ve seen so much growth between the various classes that it’s hard to imagine what I’ll see from this program in 5 years. There’s a huge wealth of talent and ideas floating around DADA and it’s great to see the students enabled to see those ideas to fruition. I was especially impressed with the work that was a hybrid result of Lisa Mann’s and Marcel’s classes. A lot of things came out really polished and pretty spectacular. I’m very pleased that they were able to combine the two and push the work that much further.

    I also had fun witnessing the expression from the visual music class. It would be cool if stuff like that could get bundled up and shown to a larger audience. There’s a show on Adult Swim caled “Off Air” or something like that and it seems to include similar things…

  5. Dan Wilson says:

    I like the one with the bees the best – it was very yellow, striped, and inspiring. The little Professor was a real home run, so to speak. He really brought it all together and allowed me, as a human, to connect with the bees.

    The 2014 class’s work was very nice – I can tell how motivated everyone is to make solid films. I can’t think of one final from Lisa’s class that would not be worth putting on a reel. I feel like using Marcel & Bethany’s 582 class to develop sound made a lot of difference — sound really is half the film. I can’t wait to see what comes out of Production 1 this year.

  6. http://www.nydigitalsalon.org/11/exhibitions.htm

    After the seminar last week, I did some searches for visual music projects online. I came across a some fantastic websites and articles. Posted above is the website of a New York based group that does work in Visual Music. The site has some incredible links to artists, gallery exhibitions, the New York Design Salon’s lecture series, articles, research and many other facets of visual music worth exploring.

    I loved seeing everyone’s work very much. I think the diversity in style, technique and content across the board is what impressed me most. The “God is Dead” rotoscope I did for Lisa’s class showed up in very different colors than what I had seen on my screen in the cubes. Having never seen it projected on such a big screen before, I noticed it was a little hard to read. So for the next time I will make sure to pay extra attention to details like that. I think everyone did a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing the work we produce in the classes yet to come!

  7. Ryan Gillis says:

    I’d been looking forward to this seminar for a while. I feel like I’ve gotten to know everybody so well that I forgot that I actually haven’t seen a lot of their work. I was really impressed. Being exposed to the other students’ films was reinvigorating. Especially now in the midst of of Production 1- it was really nice to have a break and be able to talk to everybody about their films.
    I particularly liked the way a lot of students from 544 broke up the videos into different chunks and explored the frame. I’m interested in different ways to convey information in this medium, and there were some neat ideas that night.

  8. megatoe says:

    The student screening was very inspiring and motivating. There are definitely lots of talents as so many good films are produced in such a short time frame.
    Not only do I see an immense amount of time and hard work put in the projects, but also evidence of collaborating and teamworking. For example, there was an animation that an animator collaborated with dancers, and other projects that collaborated with actors and actresses. I believe collaborating with other students is a brilliant idea – we can learn from one another, and accomplish so much more. Definitely need to do a collaboration project with my classmates before I graduate!

    — Margaret

  9. Simon says:

    I couldn’t attend to this seminar because I was sick. What made me sicker, however, was the fact that I was missing my friends & classmates work. Fortunately I’m in one of the groups of people being showcased (and I’ve watched some of the VM films) and I can speak very highly about the work being produced by my mates in the first year. It is very nice to see the perspective each person takes when creating an animated film and it’s also a privilege to have so many skills and approaches at hand. I think I’ve learned as much from my cubicle neighbors as I’ve learned from teachers and I’m looking forward to see the results of production 1 when everybody seems a little more comfortable. The visual music films I haven’t seen, I will try to hunt as I used to hunt rare beanie babies in the 90’s.

  10. Wednesday’s seminar presented student work from a variety of the graduate animation classes. Mike, Candace, and Lisa put together a collection of work from their Art of Animation, Visual Music, and 555 classes.
    The night’s screening exposed me to the type of work made outside of my year. The first year’s Art of Animation presentation incorporated a lot of handmade, under the camera techniques. While the 555 and visual music presentations used a variety of mixed-media, digital techniques.

  11. Lisa Chung says:

    What a great way to showcase our classmates’ work and promote our animation classes. Personally, I am always curious about what I will be learning and producing in a class before I register for the course. Last week’s seminar proved that a picture or I should say a compilation of frames is worth more than any written description. In fact, having a list of our courses online where we are able to preview students’ work from previous semesters would be valuable for current and future students.

    As for the work, I personally loved the range in style, medium, technique, story, format, etc. The diversity in work not only shows the variety of classes we have but also the talent that attends the MFA Animation and Digital Arts Program. I see this as a real plus because we are able to feed off one another, get different perspectives and be exposed to something we wouldn’t have otherwise.

  12. Lauren Chew says:

    As previously stated by the students above, it was definitely great to watch what animation majors are doing in the MFA classes. As an undergrad, I am not often exposed to viewing the projects of the grad students. I was impressed by how the majority of projects were visually appealing and pretty to look at. It is enjoyable to watch all of the different styles of animating and visual communication – especially the work shown from the Visual Music class (a class that I would like to take in the future hopefully).

  13. Eric Tortora Pato says:

    You know, watching a whole marathon of work from our program all lined up in a row together… it’s pretty intimidating. And awesome. That was a solid watch. I think, however, the mirror might be cool: having the students some how put together an event of shorts/clips of work that they admire or aspire towards. I’m not sure if it could really be fit into seminar very well (seems a might bit complicated for that sort of thing) but maybe it’s something POV could put together. Just a kind of marathon best of list of people’s inspirations, a kind of “this is what brought me here, this is what I want to do” breakdown.

    Quick particular shout out to the first years and their finals from last semester. The do or die short term nature of those projects always generates some really cool stuff (by always, I mean, of course, the two years I’ve been here for) and don’t underestimate those projects, they can go far.

  14. Getting to see all the work of students from various classes was great. There were a multitude of excellent ideas, stories, and stories on display. However, I felt that in general the films shown seemed unpolished or in some way unfinished. I suppose this is a symptom of all of the films shown being assignments for classes, and not major projects such as a thesis.

    If I had to choose my favorite film shown, it would have to be the one with the bees. It was far and away the most entertaining film shown and had a charm to it that I really enjoyed.

  15. Yang Liu says:

    The works of DADA students are getting more and more impressive. There is a huge range of different styles created in this program and I truly enjoy seeing the program growing like this. One thing I notice is that a lot of students are very eager to make their films better and better, instead of just finishing it, and meeting the deadline. This is also one thing I learned from them, that is the quality.although some of the works were not yet completed, the potentials and the attitudes were shown beautifully. I can’t imagine what these hardworking artists will become in their future, and I also hope this seminar can happen more often and be more exposed to undergraduates more frequently.

  16. Tristan Dyer says:

    I think viewing this much work coming out of DADA was a worthwhile experience for a couple reasons. First of all it is nice to have your work forcibly shown to an audience. “Watch this or trip on a chair while trying to leave in the dark.” Depending on folks to click a facebook link kind of takes the wind out of your sails. Especially when half the content there is cats making various bodily noises. More importantly, I think it also forces you to view your work in relation to everyone else’s, which is pretty daunting. The variety and quality of work was quite impressive and you ask yourself “does my film stack up?” Many times I wondered why I hadn’t thought of something like I was watching. But then, who can follow a piece that has rainbows exploding out of people’s chests?

  17. Larry Lai says:

    The screening is a ceremony of celebrating our animations being viewed on the big screen. It’s like a carnival where everyone does their best to showcase the fun of playing images and imagination. Beyond boundary of rationality and critiques, we are loyal to our own personality and do whatever we like. The result is gorgeous as if colorful flowers blossom together in the spring. Most important, by viewing those works, we may be inspired by others’ ideas or visual effect which really looks cool on the giant screen. On the other hand, the shortcoming may come out easily by this way. But it’s a good chance of showing our perspective to the public. It’s a nervous but very exciting moment.

  18. Andrew Malek says:

    Seeing the myriad of interesting animation produced by my colleague was a great deal of fun. While I have seen and admire the works produced by my own class it was great to seem some of the pieces produced by other students in the program. In particular it was great to see the visual music pieces because they were so different from more traditional character driven animation. Given the ease with which such abstraction can be combined with storytelling I would really like to see more of it trickle down into narrative animation.

    When I saw the 555 film it seems that this is exactly what happened. I really enjoyed some of the hybrid work especially the one with the fellow on the building and Laura’s ink piece.

  19. Einar Baldvin Arnason says:

    Fun fun fun! Bees! Bees! Bees!

    I like seeing what my fellow students are up to, but rarely see what people are up to outside of my own classes. A night like this gave me a great perspective on the department and the work the students do and I had a lot of fun.

  20. Cecilia De Jesus says:

    It was wonderful to see all that work made in our department. I was very impressed by the animations created in Lisa Mann’s Intro to the Art of Animation. I can’t wait to see what they create in Production 1 and other classes in the future.

    I’m glad Mike chose to show the Visual Music projects and 555 projects as well. I’ve only see two or three 555 projects from years before and I think it’s important to see the projects we spend so much time making. Though screening can be pretty anxious for some of us, I know it pushes us more to put those finishing touches on our films or continue working on them. After watching my films up on a huge screen, I definitely felt like working on them and making them better.

    Great job to everyone on their hard work! Hope to see more in the future!

  21. Liffany Chen says:

    Snaps for everyone!

    It was nice to see what other students have created in the classes offered here. I liked being able to see the many interpretations of the same content; same goes for being able to see how one stock rotoscoped clip can have so many different outcomes.

    Aside from seeing what classes (i.e. The Visual Music) can create, just the fact that I was able to see what people around me are doing/can do was a great experience. I like being able to see what fun creations (and gems) that can be found from the work of a person who could just be sitting right next me. Being able to see student work screened is definitely a great way to see growth and get inspired. Wish it happened more.

    The Green Screen class looked fun. I’d love to try it out sometime! Just so I can put myself in Mordor or something.

  22. Javier says:

    This was a test; see people’s reaction of the film Elotero (corn boy). As I screened the film I was notices peoples reaction to scenes on the film and there head movements to observed if the audience lost interest or not, thanks everyone for being my test subjects and giving me feed back

  23. Amy Ketchum says:

    Seeing the film stills from the screening the other night makes me happy. Everyone’s work was really awesome. Makes me proud to go to this school where the professors and students really care about what they are doing. The MFA 1’s work was really ambitious and the production value was really high. Can’t wait to see what they do for Production One.

  24. Chen Huang says:

    It was so much fun to see our classmates’ work in the class..
    It is a very interesting experience. Couldn’t ask for more.

  25. Louis Morton says:

    I wish we had events like this more often. I remember one of my favorite seminars from last year was seeing the Production 1 films the first or second week of school. It immediately got me excited to hit the ground running. I really missed not having a student screening last semester, but it was worth the wait. Clearly everyone has been working hard this past year, the screening offered a diverse array of complete and in-progress work. As much as I enjoy seeing professionals and masters in action, there’s there is something about really well done student work that I find equally inspiring.
    I was especially impressed by the quality of the First Year films. As other’s have mentioned I think it was a fantastic idea to merge animation production technologies with the intro to animation class. The technical quality in the sound and image was very high for many of these films, and to me it looked like having the other class to add digital touches really paid off.

  26. Emily Chung says:

    It was FUN to see my own project on the really big screen, because it’s totally different when u sees it from a computer monitor. Also it’s a really cool to see other students’ (not from my class) works. Not only I can see more students work but also I have more idea about the class I am going to take in the future. I have really good time this week.

  27. It’s inspiring to see everyone’s work together on the screen.

    I agree with many others who have mentioned that the first year’s work was particularly strong! Your films for Lisa’s class were poignant and visually striking, I know your production 1s are going to be incredible as well! Keep pushing and keep up the beautiful and meaningful work!

    I was also very interested in how Javier’s Elotero was just a snapshot, a moment of a character’s life, but it seemed to reveal so much about that character’s existence. I am curious what other people thought of the story and how it effected them. Any thoughts?

  28. Matthew Steidl says:

    It was already several weeks ago, but I remember a good number of the projects from the up-and-coming animators in the program.

    The fun thing about a medley screening is, as others have implied, that there is no one theme in particular; each film is a 180 turnaround from the one before it. My favorite case in point was during the first year’s films, when we went from a beautiful abstract light animation by Emily and Frank, to a hand-crafted paper cutout character piece by Andrew. The juxtaposition is almost as interesting as the works themselves.

    I think these screenings are some of the most valuable seminars, because they give everyone a chance to show their work to their peers.

  29. LaMar Ford says:

    It’s great to see everyone’s work. Since the start of the semester I was curious to see what everyone in the other classes are working. It’s inspiring to see the second year students’ work from 555 and the visual music class. I’m excited for what the students have planned for their thesis.

    Watching the films also got me excited for 555 and the possible things we can do in the class. I’m also interested in taking the visual music class. What stood out to me is looking at variety of mediums and viewing what the students did with them to tell their stories.

  30. Robert Calcagno says:

    We’re a motley crew aren’t we? What I appreciate about the collection of students we have is the versatility of mediums and techniques, as well as a great range of genres and subject matters. From the abstract to the biographical, the comedic to the methodical, and the surreal to the, well, more surreal.

    One curious thing though is that the one concentration that people would immediately think of if you told them about animation, character animation, was for the most part absent except for Einar and Dan & Jovanna’s collaboration. I think this demonstrates just how many different techniques can be utilized to create unique and new ideas.

    Our level of skill is great, the Visual Music presentation definitely convinced me even moreso to join the class, and our collective sense of humor is just impeccably charming.

    Actually, that’d be the best way to summarize everyone’s work: CHARMING.

  31. miguel jiron says:

    I always really like when we can screen all of our work at seminar. It’s an important thing to happen every semester, to see first year’s work for the first time and people’s new work. Plus, pizza! We didn’t have this last semester so I doubly appreciate the opportunity to see everybody’s great work.

    • Brandon Lake says:

      We are awesome. It was great finally getting to see some of the other work done in our program. The various amount of styles the students utilize in this program definitely make us a unique program. Keep up the good work.

  32. Brandon Lake says:

    We are awesome. It was great finally getting to see some of the other work done in our program. The various amount of styles the students utilize in this program definitely make us a unique program. Keep up the good work.

  33. Lanzhu Jian says:

    very happy and excited to see our works on the big screen. proud too. It is always an great experience and the motivation for us to do better work and hear opinions and critical from your peels

  34. Simo Liu says:

    It was a really good chance to screen our works in the big screen. I was so happy to sea everyone’s works. It was a really good opportunity for students to see other people’s works. It’s good for us to communicate ideas and learn from each other. The works showed in seminar are all amazing. They are with different styles, different storys, which broken my eyes and made me learned a lot. I’m very enjoyed this seminar.

  35. Linda Jules says:

    Student screenings are always one of my favorite parts of going to seminar–and it’s even more awesome when we get to feature our personal work! This was my first time getting to see 95% of these works in their almost completed forms, so I thought it was a most delightful visual treat.

    USC’s animation program has such a rich diversity of styles and mediums. I am always impressed by how unique each individual project is that comes out each semester.

  36. chaoqi zhang says:

    Great show from fellows tonight. Small pieces but great job.So fun to watch.Each one has their strong point with specialty. I was proud that I’m in such a rich diversity of styles and mediums animation program of USC! Fighting!

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