March 28 – QUAYOLA

Born in Italy and currently living in London, Quayola is considered to be at the forefront of digital media. His practice was born out of his long-standing interest in audio and visual music, but he has since expanded his practice into the realm of photography, CGI and performance. For his first solo show on the West Coast he has created a large-scale, fully-immersive environment that will feature three distinct bodies of work: Typologies, Strata and Nature (which are comprised of 12 videos in total). At the center of his practice is a deep interest in the inherent structures found within Classical traditions ie, Renaissance architecture, well-known Rococo paintings and nature itself, and how those forms relate to digital mediums. By using a combination of original photography and software programs, he is able to identify and animate those inherent structures, which become the real protagonists of his extraordinary short films. The result is not only a celebration of the outright beauty of classical aesthetics but how they relate to digital artists through the use of mathematics.

Drawing his influence from painters Wassily Kandinsky and Oscar Fischinger, Quayola creates composed and real‐time generative sound visualizations resulting in huge and dynamic animated projections with impactful original sound.

Quayola’s work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Barcelona), the Royal Albert Hall (London), Gaite Lyrique (Paris), the Palais des Beaux Arts (Lille), the Yota Space (St. Petersburg), MIS (Sao Paulo) Casa Franca (Rio de Janeiro), MISZ (Moscow) and many more.

Davide Quayola is here from London this week to open a solo show at YoungProjects – a contemporary gallery for the moving image.!project-space

Olympic Project – Motionographer article:

Quayola’s work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; British Film Institute, London; Royal Albert Hall, London; Gaite Lyrique, Paris; Church of Saint Eustache, Paris; Forum des Image, Paris; Grand Theatre, Bordeaux; Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille; Empac Centre, New York; Yota Space, St. Petersburg; MIS, Sao Paulo; Casa Franca, Rio de Janeiro; BAC, Geneva; Sonar Festival, Barcelona; Elekra Festival, Montreal and Clermont Ferrand Film Festival.

Quayola and Jarrett Smith (Touch Designer)


March 21 – Graduates of DADA

A panel of 6 of our alums will discuss topics around their art and careers after graduation.

Please bring good questions to spark a lively discussion!

I’m very excited to have these wonderful artists on our panel!:

Debra Issac-Downing

Cosku Turhan

Alessandro Ceglia

Andrew Huang

Cecilia Fletcher

Andy Lyon

March 7th – Dennis Tupicoff, animator and filmmaker

Graduating from Queensland University, Dennis later completed the Swinburne Film and TV School animation course in 1977. After working as writer/director/producer of his own films as well as TV commercials and other commercial and sponsored work, he was appointed Lecturer in Animation at the VCA School of Television (1992-4). Since then he has continued making independent films as writer, director, producer, and (often) designer/animator. These have been both fictional and documentary, animated and live-action, comedy and drama – and sometimes inventive combinations of various categories.

Dennis’ work has been shown at film festivals around the world, and he has won numerous awards. His 2007 film Chainsaw has won many Grands Prix in animation festivals such as Ottawa, Animadrid, Anifest etc as well as in competition with live-action films at Oberhausen, Huesca, Mecal (Barcelona) etc. His films are often shown in retrospectives, and are discussed in Judith Kriger’s book “Animated Realism” (2012). His Mother’s Voice (1998) has been included in many programmes of documentary animation (eg: IDFA 2007, Zagreb 2008, Leipzig 2008) and is discussed at length in several recent books: “Introduction to Documentary” (Nichols), “The Animation Bible” (Furniss), and “Australian Documentary” (Fitzsimons, Laughren, Williamson). Dennis was also featured in Chris Robinson’s book as one of the “Unsung Heroes of Animation”. He has spoken at international conferences, and taught, presented his work and run workshops at many universities and film schools around the world.
Since 2000, Dennis and Fiona Cochrane have worked together on various projects as Jungle Pictures Pty Ltd.


*THE FIRST INTERVIEW (writer/director/co-producer)
15 minute documentary 2011

*SILLY & SERIOUS – William Robinson and Self Portraits (writer/director/co-producer)
25 minute documentary 2009

*CHAINSAW (writer/director/co-producer)
24 minute animation 2007

*TARINGA 4068 – OUR PLACE AND TIME (writer/director/co-producer)
30 minute documentary 2002

* INTO THE DARK (writer/director/animator/co-producer)
6 minute animation 2001

* THE HEAT, THE HUMIDITY (writer/director/producer/animator)
4 minute animation 1999

* HIS MOTHER’S VOICE (writer/director/producer/animator)
15 minute animation 1997

* THE DARRA DOGS (writer/director/producer/animator)
10 minute animation 1993

* DANCE OF DEATH (writer/director/producer/animator)
8 minute animation 1983