May 9 – Student Screenings – SCB 104


2 comments on “May 9 – Student Screenings – SCB 104

  1. chaoqi zhang says:

    I love today’s showing not because I finally can have a break after the whole busy semester, but because of my awesome classmates. Each of them did strong pieces with their talents and efforts. I feel so proud to be one of them in the Hench Dada program. May everyone embrace this coming summer with a hopeful and happy heart!!!

  2. Laura Cechanowicz says:

    I truly enjoyed seeing all of the first years’ incredible pieces screened alongside Sheila’s documentary animation course final film. I am so proud of what everyone accomplished this semester, and I truly look forward to seeing the work the first years continue to produce over the coming years. What a talented and insightful group of animators! A brilliant showcase. I also really enjoyed the preview of our new website, and I look forward to seeing it fully functional!

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