Instructor: Mike Patterson –

Class: Wednesday 6:30 – 8:30 pm / SCB 104 / 1 unit

SA: Javier Barbosa –

Office Hours: Wed 2-5:30pm / Thurs 12:30-2:00pm



The John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Art (Hench-DADA) Seminar serves as a weekly academic forum in which guest animators, visual artists, researchers and filmmakers discuss their work and ideas. Distinguished special guests, as well as USC faculty, will engage the class on various aspects of animation, research, new media and education. Exposure to this diversity of viewpoints, creative output and professional experience will serve to inspire the students, encourage new avenues of exploration, and facilitate career planning.

Seminar also provides an opportunity for the DADA program to gather as a community once a week to discuss specific issues that pertain to classes, productions, and events; and to make announcements of general interest.

The class will sometimes run as late as 9pm. Please be prepared to stay on those occasions. On May 2nd, the final exam period for the class, we will have a screening of student projects and a party afterwards.


I encourage active participation with our guests…. don’t be shy.  Our guests are visiting USC to and share their knowledge and engage with the students. Questions, comments, and observations will enrich the experience and expand the discussion.


Attendance will be taken each week.  Please turn off all cell phones, mobile media and light emitting devices during the class. No food, drink, water, or gum will be allowed in the theater.


CTAN 522 is a credit/no credit class based on weekly attendance and student reports about the people and topics discussed in seminar. There are 15 class meetings. To pass the class, you must attend at least 13 classes and submit a report each week on the blog. Blog reports are due by 5pm on Tuesday of the following week. Each report should include description of what you learned from that night’s speaker(s) (100 to 500 words).

Posting Weekly on the Blog

The class blog is:

Click on the “Leave a Comment” link at the bottom right corner of the post. A text box will appear below. Under the “Guest” tab, enter your email address and full name.  Be sure to include your name each time, since it’s difficult to tell who really is.  You do not need to create an account in order to post.  Proceed to write in your comment.  Click on the “Post Comment” Tab to submit your entry.


Week 1 – January 11
RICHARD TAYLOR – Live action, animation, games cinematics director-designer

Week 2 – January 18
PAUL GAILIUNAS / HELEN HILL – Independent animator-filmmakers

Week 3 – January 25
CURT SCHULKEY – Sound supervisor-editor for animation and live action features

Week 4 – February 1
RYAN HONEY – Creative Director BUCK Studio

Week 5 – February 8:
TRIXY SWEETVITTLES – Animator/filmmaker

Week 6 – February 15

Week 7 – February 22
FRED SEIBERT – Animation producer and founder of Frederator

Week 8 – February 29
JARRETT SMITH and GREG HERMANOVIC – Touch Designer artists, visual music and installation

Week 9 – March 7
DENNIS TUPIKOFF – Animator/filmmaker

BREAK – March 14

Week 10 – March 21
USC GRADUATES – Panel discussion on working and art making, post-graduation

Week 11 – March 28
QUAYOLA – Visual Music Performance and Installation artist

Week 12 – APRIL 4
ANIMATING CHARACTER PERFORMANCE – Animator panel from Dreamworks

Week 13 – APRIL 11
CHRISTINE PANUSHKA – Animator/filmmaker

Week 14 – APRIL 18
STORYTELLING WITH COLOR – Kathy Altieri from Dreamworks

Week 15 – APRIL 25
FIRST FRAME – Screening at the DGA

Final – MAY 9
STUDENT SCREENINGS – Projects from CTAN470, CTAN547, +TBD, pizza party


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