April 25 – FIRST FRAME

Hope to see everyone at First Frame!
Wednesday, April 25th, 7:30pm
DGA Theatre Complex, 7920 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046
After the show, feel free to comment on the filmmakers’ work.
Lou – nice work on the titles!

Don’t forget:
The Interactive Media Division has it’s night, “First Move” on Thursday, you’re all welcome to come:
First Move at First Look Festival 2012
Thursday, April 26th, 7:30pm
DGA Theatre Complex, 7920 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046


18 comments on “April 25 – FIRST FRAME

  1. Brandon Lake says:

    Great job from everyone at first frame! The films and the mandatory labor all went smoothly. It was good seeing some of the films on the big screen, where they were meant to be.

  2. Miguel Jiron says:

    It was a special treat to see everybody’s film presented so beautifully in the DGA theater. I have never seen a lot of those films as good as they were that night. Congrats to everybody!

  3. Gregory Jones says:

    It was great seeing everyone’s work and really taking in the range of material that’s being produced in the program. I thought I knew, but really I had no idea. It’s always interesting to see the work and then meet the person afterwards. It reveals that there so many more layers to a person than what you can guess by just looking at the surface. Something about seeing things on that big of a screen and that solid of a presentation brought the projects to a new level. I’m truly looking forward to next year and hope that I can also be a part of that show as well. There will certainly be plenty of excellent competition from my peers. Awesome Show, Great Job!

  4. Nice experience. It’s inspiring to see the school putting so much effort to showcase the work of students. It’s an extra motivation to produce better work because you know eventually you’ll have an outlet. The registration was smooth!

  5. Lisa Chung says:

    My favorite piece was definitely Tiran’s “In between the Shadow.” I had heard of the concept for his film but was unsure how it was going to be integrated or used as an experimental piece. His execution to use charcoal drawings as a foundation for his shadow clips to weave in and out the film was pure genius and gorgeous. The mixing of these two media was seamless and inventive yet original.

  6. Eric Tortora Pato says:

    Are we supposed to comment on this? Oh well, guess we’re not not supposed to. Anyway, I loved it, but a quick criticism of Programming. No ill will towards anyone involved, but I think it’s very important to be content aware when programming, even in an aesthetic sense. In particular, I’m talking about the fact that Tiran and Juan’s films were shown back to back in that order. These are two of my favorite films in the program, and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have been shown, but showing them in that order was a mistake. This decision, I feel did a big disservice to Juan’s film and the audience’s experience, because it moved us from one of the visually (literally) darkest films to what was almost certainly the visually brightest, which, for me and a few other I talked to, created a shock not unlike having somebody shove a flash in your face at a dimly lit restaurant or party. Not only did a change so jarring actually hurt, but it left me squinting for the first 30 seconds or so of SiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSi. Otherwise, awesome time had by all. Going to submit my work next year, count on it.

  7. Ryan Gillis says:

    So happy to finally see this work, especially projected at the DGA. Tge size was shocking. All I could think about was the imperfections in my production 1. They looks tiny on my computer, but they’re going to be king-sized if I get into first frame next year. The event was a really great break from production, the people in this program are great. Registration was smooth.

  8. Simo Liu says:

    It’s a very good experience for me to be the volunteer and to see many people’s works showed in DGA Theater. I was shocked by many fantastic works. These selected works were within different styles, each one has its own characteristic. For me, I really like “SiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSi” and “In Between Shadow”, which give me a lot idea to think what kinds of animation I can do in the future.

  9. Lanzhu Jian says:

    It is very inspire to see an amazing event like First Frame. And it is such a honor to help and to participate with dearest classmates. I had a great fun, and all the film there in First frame inspire me to finish my film and join this event. The whole event is very organized and all the films are amazing. I do have a feeling that I hope more stories can focus more on story side. And I believe that will bring more content to audience. But I do love Tianran Duan’s film “ in between the shadows”. It is very deep and fresh I many aspects.

  10. Einar Baldvin Arnason says:

    The most exciting films for me were “Peekaboo” “In Between Shadows” “SiSiSiSi….” (I’m too lazy to write all of the sis) and Papel Picado. I felt those films exemplified the best to me what animation should be about. The event itself was very impressive and it is nice that students have this festival as a way to screen their work.

  11. Di Gu says:

    I was totally impressed by all film screened, especially the film with odd style. SiSiSiSiSi is my favoriate film between these outstanding works. That film inspired me that how the animation can be. It can use the simple action with different combination to present his amazing imagination. Even the action repeat and repeat, the audiences are deeply attracted into this story.

  12. EmilyChung says:

    It was fantastic seeing these work in this fantastic theater. Love all the works ! I personally like “sisisisi….” the best. Good job everyone.

  13. Lauren says:

    It was definitely an awesome experience watching student films on a big screen with some great-quality audio/surround sound. I appreciate seeing how stylistically different everyone’s films were, which reflects the diversity of talent and storytelling among the animation students. This year’s First Frame event was the first one I’ve attended so far and I am glad I got to go to this year’s screening. If anything, I was definitely left inspired to go home and do more.

  14. Yang Liu says:

    It was very successful night and I love all the works! I am also proud of having worked on two films. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the undergraduates’ thesis, and I am very glad that their films are improved every year(much much better than mine senior thesis), in many aspects, including storytelling, sound design, and the final render. The variety of the selected films is large and very inspiring. While not all the films represent the mainstream style, the unique idea and the innovative mind-set were totally rooted in these artworks. I think the First Frame fully represent what DADA students are.

  15. Linda Jules says:

    It was definitely great fun to attend this year’s first frame. This is my second time attending the event, and I will definitely continue to go as long I am here in LA. Some of my favorite films that were Awakening, In Between Shadows and Ballet of Unhatched Chics.

  16. chaoqi zhang says:

    Quite inspiring!
    I enjoyed most works they made, and felt quite inspiring to see that every year is better than last year. From 1st frame show, I learned a lot from watching everyone’s strongest part. Or good ideas, or nice compose, or intelligent and creative ideas etc.
    And I can’t wait to see for 2013’s first frame!

  17. Laura Cechanowicz says:

    What a beautiful showcase. It’s inspiring and incredible to see everyone’s work full screen and in such glory. I think this entire collection of films was an intriguing representation of the diversity of work at USC!

  18. Joseph Yeh says:

    I love to see the work of fellow students! The work is young, energetic, and experimental.

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